Replacement Windows and Replacement Doors in Solebury, PA

In older communities, like Solebury, PA, homes have a history, and having a history usually means they’ve been around for a long time. Homes built many years ago don’t have energy efficient windows or doors. Most are probably leaking a tremendous amount of energy, causing high bills. Homeowners understand the need for replacement window installation but are fearful of the window replacement cost. The Window Nerd understands, and will work with you to find the right energy efficient windows and doors within your budget. The Energy Star Seal of Approval rated windows will also reduce your monthly energy bills.

Replacement Windows and Replacement Doors in Solebury, PA

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Window Companies, Door Installation and Replacement Window Installation

Replacement window installation is not the same for every home. With so many shapes, sizes and dimensions in Solebury, PA, you need energy efficient windows and replacement doors that will fit snugly. Many window companies only offer one or two styles and don’t have the experience of working on older homes. With over 30 years of experience, The Window Nerd has installed replacement doors, entry doors, exterior doors, front doors and replacement windows in every type of home, from historical to new construction. Our experienced team will discuss with you the many options available for door installation and replacement windows, from the nine manufacturers we install. They can discuss the value of vinyl versus wood frames, show you the many colors available with vinyl replacement windows and describe the limited upkeep necessary. 

Replacement Windows are Energy Efficient Windows

The Window Nerd is often asked what makes a window energy efficient? Replacement windows have two panes of glass. A safe, natural gas called argon gas fills the gap between the two panes of glass, providing an air-tight seal and preventing fogging or sweating of the window. We can install a variety of energy efficient windows, in many shapes and sizes, because we work with nine manufacturers who provide the highest quality windows and doors.  

Energy Efficient Windows and Exterior Doors in Solebury, PA

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